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Facial Treatments

Atlantis Spa Facial Treatments

Atlantis spa facial treatments will improve the appearance and condition of the skin on your face. Skin on the face is the most exposed part of your body, even more so than the hand. While the hand is generally exposed to a much wider variety of chemicals and toxins the human face has to endure the elements and the chemicals in make up applications constantly. From sunlight to wind, rain and cold to hot and make up there is no other part of our largest organ, the skin, that is under more relentless attack. Yet we tend to give it scant attention: beside the usual routine of using a ‘skin neutral’ soap and general moisturizer we know next to nothing about our facial’s skin condition. The extremely thin layer of skin around our eyes are almost always the best tell tale indicators that we should start taking care of our facial skin. Once, or preferably before those fine lines appear and become permanent you should think of a systematic facial skin care treatment.

Utilizing products & massage techniques from Monaco, France and Switzerland.

Treatment Duration Price Order
Perk-me up Facial Treatment 30 minutes $65 Book Now
Basic European Cleansing Facial Treatment 50 minutes $78 Book Now
Hydraderm Facial Treatment 50 minutes $80 Book Now
Deluxe Facial Treatment with scalp massage 50 minutes $115 Book Now
Vita-Glow Treatment for Sensitive and Reactive Skin 50 minutes $85 Book Now
Balancing Treatment for Acne Skin $80 Book Now
Perk-me Up Facial Massage 30 minutes $65 Book Now
Eye Treatment $30 Book Now
Fundamental Facial Treatment $110 Book Now
Atlantis Mini Facial 45 minutes $70 Book Now
Revitalizing Lifting Treatment $110 Book Now
New Ultrasound Facial $99 Book Now
Botan – The Natural Botox! 50 minutes $75 Book Now