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Facial Treatments

Atlantis Spa Facial Treatments

Utilizing products & massage techniques from Monaco, France and Switzerland.

Treatment Duration Price Order
Perk-me up Facial Treatment 30 minutes $65 Book Now
Basic European Cleansing Facial Treatment 50 minutes $78 Book Now
Hydraderm Facial Treatment 50 minutes $80 Book Now
Deluxe Facial Treatment with scalp massage 50 minutes $115 Book Now
Vita-Glow Treatment for Sensitive and Reactive Skin 50 minutes $85 Book Now
Balancing Treatment for Acne Skin $80 Book Now
Perk-me Up Facial Massage 30 minutes $65 Book Now
Eye Treatment $30 Book Now
Fundamental Facial Treatment $110 Book Now
Atlantis Mini Facial 45 minutes $70 Book Now
Revitalizing Lifting Treatment $110 Book Now
New Ultrasound Facial $99 Book Now
Botan – The Natural Botox! 50 minutes $75 Book Now